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Irish Food Tours offer you the opportunity to Discover the Stories and the People behind Irish Food and to enjoy new unique and compelling visitor experiences here in Ireland. We offer all the Food Tours in Ireland through one website and we are constantly updating our Irish Food Tourism Network and growing your available choices.

Food Tourism (a term which applies to both Food and Drink tourism) is defined as "traveling for a taste of place in order to get a sense of place" and we can direct you to the best places in Ireland where you will come away with truly memorable Irish food experiences!

Irish Food Tours Ltd. is a promotion, mentoring and marketing company, which has been driving the development of Food Tourism in Ireland for many years. We have been instrumental in encouraging the creation of Irish Food Tours & Trails with food producers, restaurants, pubs, accommodation providers and tour guides, all over the island of Ireland.

We help food producers to develop and market their Irish Food Tour and we offer guests the opportunity to book, visit and learn all about the amazing stories behind our Irish Food Heritage. We also compile bespoke and tailor-make Irish Food Tours to suit group and individual client requirements.

Check out all the great visitor experiences available from our Irish Food Tours Partners here.

We can also arrange bespoke Food & Beverage Tours all over Ireland, for you and your guests. For a personalised itinerary simply email us at info@irishfoodtours.ie with your intentions and we will create your very own Irish Food Tour!