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The People behind Irish Food Tours

Zack Gallagher - Irish Food Tours​Zack Gallagher irish Food Tours Irish Food Guide 

Chef, food blogger, social media advisor and Fáilte Ireland Food Ambassador, Zack is a sharer of people’s food stories. Filled with passion about Irish Food, Zack believes in the power of perseverance and he works tirelessly towards his goal of enhancing the image and perception abroad of modern Irish Food.

Zack has food and hospitality in his blood. His childhood in Donegal was surrounded by food - his mother and aunts baking and cooking, drying dillisk seaweed in the sun and he started working in a local bakery aged eleven.

Having trained as a chef in the famous Killybegs Tourism College (now LYIT Killybegs) and cooked in various countries  and on board Ireland's largest fishing trawler. Zack started his Irish Food Guide Blog in 2008, promoting all that is good in Irish food - producers and people, restaurants, events and festivals. From the start he saw it as a platform to develop Food Tourism and a space to share Ireland's food stories.

His @IrishFoodGuide Twitter account has exceeded 34,000 followers and he has become synonymous with Donegal and Irish Food. Zack has recently completed a Higher Diploma in Arts in Tourism Destination Management & Marketing and has an absolute belief in Ireland’s Food Tourism potential.


Wendy Kavanagh - Irish Food Tours​Wendy Kavanagh

One of Wendy Kavanagh’s earliest memories is of baking ‘apple tarts’ on jam jar lids under the watchful eye of her grandmother, who was the cook for the Leigh family on Rosegarland Estate in Wexford.

Indeed Wendy comes from a long line of foodies and her mother was also a cook for Brigadier-General John Hardress-Llyod of Gloster House in Offaly. It’s no wonder then that Wendy Kavanagh became a chef herself and was one of Ireland’s first food bloggers. She was also Eric Clapton’s private chef when he owned Barberstown Castle.

Wendy, who is based in Nurney, Co Kildare, worked in both the tourism and food industries and has been promoting Irish food and food producers online since 2008.

Wendy was one of 44 female entrepreneurs to participate in and completed the pilot ACORNS programme, under the Commission for the Economic Development of Rural Areas through the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine. When it comes to Irish Food, Wendy embraces modern media for promoting Irish food producers and is committed to further developing Ireland's Food Tourism into the future.